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Technology Committee

Chair:  Richard Duffin

Members: Bill Lochen, Dale Lewellyn, Dave Olson, Jason Marshal, John Harkness, Kate Grande, Laura Lochen, Mark Lofgren, Max Chessler

Goals for 2018:

  • Evaluate, improve and support the technical aspects of the web site and email services for “”.
  • Evaluate, improve and support the computer systems, internet services, telephone services and audio-visual equipment.


  • Provide hearing assistance for individuals
  • Upgrade the office phone system
  • Redesign the Website
  • Update the Network infrastructure
  • Provide AV upgrades in the sanctuary and throughout the building
Item Goal Status Notes Cost
Hearing assistance for individuals Audio access for all regardless of hearing acuity. Installed and in use as of 12/3/17 Purchased equipment from “Listen Technology” for $2,943.60 $2,944
Phone system upgrade Improve effectiveness of church office & building communications Installed 1/5/17, go live 12/22 after user training Purchased from Vonage, equipment was $294.96 for 5 phones with $144.85 on-going monthly charges. $295
Website Enhance an accessible and effective web presence Vendor: ARTBOX CREATIVE STUDIOS Proposal estimate: $4,500-5,000 $5,000
AV Upgrade Projecting visuals  Vendor: AVI Digital Laser Projector $2,124
Misc. Items Headphones, cable etc. $400
  Total $10,763

The most collaborative project undertaken so far is the development of a new website. There were technical, aesthetic and content related decisions to be made. The Technology committee spent considerable time and effort in the initial gathering of the “requirements” MVUUF desired for the site and then the identification of a qualified vendor to design and implement the site. A cross committee group and staff evaluated early design options produced by our vendor and consensus was reached about the design to be pursued. The content aspect has touched the most groups and individuals to provide updated web content and flesh out new features included in the design. The “content” gathering aspect is ongoing and should culminate over the summer.

The mission has been furthered by allowing those with hearing challenges to participate more fully in the Sunday services. The office functioning and caller satisfaction has been helped by a more integrated and effective phone system. The website when finished will be a more effective community outreach tool. The accessibility of our Sunday services and committee activities and “entertainment” has been improved by the replacement of the projection equipment in the sanctuary.

This committee’s effectiveness has benefited greatly using the resources made available through the Hanifl Grant.


The Technology committee evaluates, recommends, implements, & supports technology-based tools for the Fellowship by making recommendations for technology-based issues, providing technical support for computer software & hardware, office, telephone & audiovisual equipment & internet services, and supporting the technical aspects of the Fellowship’s web site and other tools for communicating within & outside the Fellowship.