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Upcoming Sermons

I Love You Just the Way You Are: Beautiful Bodies, Part 1

Sunday July 28, 2019 - Rev. Laura Thompson

The concept combines a naturalist worldview with perceptions and values commonly associated with religions. What can this approach offer us and how can it bring meaning to our lives? Rev. Andrea Johnson, music TBA.


I Love you Just the Way You Are: Measures of Success

Sunday August 4, 2019 - Rev. Laura Thompson

Our culture plays a large part in dictating models of success. Often those models can be in conflict with our deeper values and principles and prevent us from building the beloved community we seek. Rev. Laura Thompson and Fran Bohlke, music TBA.


I Love You Just the Way You Are; Beautiful Bodies, Part 2

Sunday August 11, 2019 - Rev. Laura Thompson

Folks with disabled bodies or differently abled bodies face discrimination and challenging obstacles every day. What can we do as a community and as individuals to invite people with disabilities more fully into our spaces. Rev. Laura Thompson and Linda Hayen, music by Elaine Lewellyn


The Importance of Faith Formation

Sunday August 18, 2019 - Rev. Andrea Johnson

There is no denying that UUs value religious education and faith formation. Why is this so important? And can we honor and nurture faith formation throughout our lives? Rev. Andrea Johnson and Fran Bohlke


White Boy Lost

Sunday August 25, 2019 - Ed Janes and Tom Bergmann

Exploring the conflict between Christian values and reality. Ed Janes and Tom Bergmann, music by Maria Bavier.


The Blessing of the Animals

Sunday September 1, 2019 - Rev. Laura Thompson

Bring your pet* or a favorite toy of your furry, feathered, family members. This service promises to feature much joy and honor for our love of pets. *All pets must be leashed, kenneled or contained. Rev. Laura Thompson is leading the service.


Past Sermons

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Beauty of the Ages; Becoming a Dementia Friendly Community

Sunday June 30, 2019

Aging is tough on all of us. But it can be especially challenging for those living with dementia. ——– from Dementia Friends Network will be joining us and letting us know how we can become a dementia friend community.



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Soap Box Sunday

Sunday June 23, 2019

PRIDE parade: Meet at 28th Ave station in Bloomington at 9:10am to take the 9:17 Blue Line train downtown for the parade. Sign-up in the lobby.

Soap Box Sunday: 10:30am; Got something to say? Religion? Politics? Economics? We’ll give you the soapbox, a microphone and 5 minutes to tell us what’s on your mind. Space is limited to the first 6 people that sign-up that day.



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6-30-19 "Beauty of the Ages; Becoming a Dementia Friendly Community"
6-23-19 "Soap Box Sunday"
6-16-19 "The Beauty of PRIDE; 50 years after Stonewall" Rev. Laura Thompson
6-09-19 "Celebrating Beauty; Thank You for the Music" Rev. Laura Thompson
6-02-19 "Flower Communion – The Beauty of Community" Rev. Laura Thompson and Rev. Andrea Johnson
5-26-19 "Question Box Sunday" Rev. Laura Thompson
5-19-19 "RE Sunday" MVUUF Children and Youth and their teachers and leasders
5-12-19 "When Fear Becomes Oppression: Phobia(noun): an extreme or irrational fear of or aversion to something" Rev. Laura Thompson
5-05-19 "“I Don’t Know”; When Bravery Meets Curiosity" Rev. Laura Thompson
4-28-19 "Listening to the Future; Youth Sunday" Rev. Laura Thompson and MVUUF Youth
4-21-19 "Wholeness: Rebirth for Easter and Earth Day; The Practice of Rising from the Ashes" Rev. Laura Thompson
4-14-19 "My Pilgrimage with Jesus" Rev. Andrea Johnson
4-07-19 "The Wholeness of Community: Celebration!" Rev. Laura Thompson
3-31-19 "Travels on My Religious Journey" Fran Bohlke and Candace McClenahan
3-24-19 "Lost and Found" Rev. Laura Thompson, Rev. Andrea Johnson, and Janet Stevens
3-17-19 "A Song for the Journey; Music Sunday" Sonja Johnston and Nicole Collins
3-10-19 "The Journey of Lent; What Do You Have to Lose?" Rev. Laura Thompson
3-03-19 "The Journey Continues; We are the Source" Rev. Laura Thompson and Linda Hayen
2-24-19 "Trusting Pain and Anger" Rev. Laura Thompson
2-17-19 "Trusting the Beauty Within, Among and Beyond Us: A Tribute to Mary Oliver" Rev. Laura Thompson
2-10-19 "Building Trust" Rev. Laura Thompson
2-03-19 "The Broken Trust of a Nation" Rev. Laura Thompson and Carla Ries
1-27-19 "Emerging Gracefully" Andrea Johnson, Minister of Congregational Programs
1-20-19 "Jan 19th and 20th: MLK Weekend of Service and Reflection" Rev. Laura Thompson
1-13-19 "Welcoming Possibilities: Are We Accessible?" Rev. Laura Thompson and Linda Hayen and Carla Ries


12-30-18 "Fire Communion" Rev. Laura Thompson
12-24-18 "MVUUF’s Interactive No-Rehearsal Christmas Pagaent: What’s that Noise?" Rev. Laura Thompson and Andrea Johnson
12-16-18 "Music Sunday" Sonja Johnston and a host of heavenly voices and players.
12-09-18 "What are you Waiting for? The Mystery of In-Between" Rev. Laura Thompson and Fran Bohlke
12-02-18 "Mystery: Fear of the Unknown" Rev. Laura Thompson and Tom Ehlinger
11-25-18 "The Voices of Our UU Ancestors" Andrea Johnson and Carla Ries
11-18-18 "Celebrating Our Roots; The Fellowship Movement" Rev. Laura Thompson
10-14-18 "Race and the Criminal Justice System – Are We Awake?" Mary Moriarty
3-25-18 "Change Happens: Finding Your Way in an Ever-Moving World" Rev. Laura Thompson
3-18-18 "It’s Stewardship Sunday! Let’s Talk About Someone’s Money Besides Yours!" With Guest Speaker Bill Clontz and Rev. Laura Thompson.
3-11-18 "Music Sunday!"
3-04-18 "Weaving Webs" Guest Speaker Dr. Rita Capezzi and Worship Associate Lorna Prell
2-18-18 "Resistance & Resilience: Songs of Freedom" Rev. Laura Thompson
2-11-18 "Persevering Pioneers of Unitarian Universalism: Olympia Brown" Rev. Laura Thompson
1-28-18 "Cabbage Town" Guest speaker Rev. Karen Hutt and Worship Associate Eve Bergmann


11-26-17 Abundance: When Do We have Enough? Rev. Laura Thompson and Gabby Vigliaturo.
11-19-17 Gratitude; Practice~ Practice~ Practice Rev. Laura Thompson and Eve Bergmann with special music by Ann Reed.
11-12-17 You Are What You Eat Rev. Laura Thompson
10-22-17 It’s a Good Day to Die Rev. Laura Thompson and Worship Associate Lorna Prell
10-15-17 The Courage of Vulnerability Rev Laura Thompson and Worship Associate Linda Hayen.
9-24-17 Come~ Come Whoever You Are Rev Laura Thompson with Worship Associate Linda Hayen.
9-17-17 All are Welcome; Beloved Community Rev Laura Thompson & Worship Associate Carla Ries
5-7-17 The Cultural Embodiment of Racism: Minister Laura Thompson and Eve Bergmann
4-2-17 Transforming the Fear of Transformation Minister Laura Thompson and Worship Associate Linda Hayen
3-26-17 Hungry for Truth; A Quest For Meaning Minister Laura Thompson and Worship Associate Betsy Carter
3-19-17 Learning to Fly Minister Laura Thompson and Worship Associate Tom Bergmann
3-5-17 The Cracks Are Where the Light Gets In Jack Gaede~ Guest Speaker
2-19-17 Oops~ My Bad; Valuing Imperfection~ Vulnerability~ Failure and Other Things We Don’t Like About Ourselves Minister Laura Thompson and Worship Associate Betsy Carter
2-5-17 Who are U(U)? Minister Laura Thompson and Worship Associate Carla Ries
1-29-17 Prophetic Voices of Women Minister Laura Thompson and Worship Associate Lorna Prell
1-22-17 The Prophetic Voice of the Arts Kevin Kling


12-18-16 The Presence of Angels Laura Thompson, Linda Hayen
11-27-16 A Story of People: Bearing Witness Laura Thompson, Diane Bick and Tom Ehlinger
11-13-16 Finding Light in the Darkness Laura Thompson
11-06-16 Once Upon a Time… or Maybe Twice Laura Thompson
4-17-16 Partisanship, Gridlock, and the 2016 Elections David Schultz, Professor Hamline University, Author
3-20-16 The Eternal (Vernal) Return Rev. Myron Andes
2-28-16 Tradition: Anchor or Shackle Rev. Myron Andes
2-21-16 Seeing Theodore Roosevelt Adam Lindquist
50th-anniversary 50th Anniversary Celebration Observance 50th Anniversary Committee
2-7-16 Tradition and the Future: Did You Ever Have to Finally Decide? Rev. Myron Andes
1-24-16 Drinking Water and Justice: The Minnesota Challenge Rep. Jean Wagenius
1-10-16 Strength: An Open and Closed Case Rev. Myron Andes
1-03-16 Environmental Destruction by Industrial Agricultural Practices in Minnesota Sonja Trom Eayrs


12-20-15 The Terror and Comfort In Awe and Wonder Rev. Myron Andes
12-06-15 Wondering About Wonder Rev. Myron Andes
11-22-15 Thanksgiving Harvest Communion Rev. Myron Andes
11-08-15 Love Generation Rev. Myron Andes and Jan Fitzgerald, Dir. of Religious Ed.
11-01-15 “Toward Being the “Love People”” Rev. Myron Andes
9-27-15 Community Connection and Restorative Justice in an Era of Racial Strife Rev. Myron Andes
9-20-15 Connections in Time, Life and Right Relations Rev. Myron Andes
8-09-15 Income Inequality – Effects on Child Health Dr. Linda Eelkema
6-07-15 Seasons of Change Reverend Myron Andes
5-10-15 Our Mental Health Rev. Myron Andes
5-03-15 Being a Transgender – Welcoming Congregation Jendeen Forberg, Rev. Myron Andes, and the Welcoming Congregation Committee
4-26-15 Eternally Grateful Frank Dreisbach
4-26-15 Ceremony of Installation of Reverend Myron Andes
4-05-15 A Crack in the Egg: Hope in Passover and Easter Rev. Myron Andes
3-08-15 Wild and Precious Life Rev. Myron Andes and Glenn Corliss
2-15-15 Why are Immigrants So Important to All of Us? Sheila Stuhlman


12-08-14 The Cool Hand Luke Sermon Rev. Myron Andes
11-23-14 Thanksgiving Harvest Communion Rev. Myron Andes
11-02-14 All Souls Are Worth Remembering Rev. Myron Andes
10-26-14 Barb Olson, Spencer Baldwin, Robert Reedy, and Brenda Daly discuss their journeys to MVUUF
10-19-14 Chain of Emotions: Addressing Violence Rev. Myron Andes
10-12-14 I Beg to Differ, Mr. Spock: Logic, Life, and Love Rev. Myron Andes
10-5-14 Healing The Hoops RedHeart
9-28-14 The Transitive and the Intransitive in Worship: What is the Object?” Rev. Myron Andes
9-21-14 Hello. I love you! Won’t you tell me your name?” Rev. Myron Andes
9-14-14 Rev. Myron Andes on the Water Communion
8-24-14 Inequality in America,” PDF presentation with notes also available. Dale Lewellyn
6-01-14 Rev. Myron Andes, candidate for called minister, on the Flower Communion.
5-25-14 I Do! I Do! The joy of volunteering Rev. Janet Newman
5-04-14 I Have a Dream” Rev. Janet Newman
4-20-14 So Much in Bud” Rev. Janet Newman
4-13-14 The Water of Life Sally Mills and Green Sanctuary
3-30-14 Forgiveness in an Unforgiving World” Rev. Janet Newman
3-23-14 If Music Be the Food of Love… Rev. Janet Newman
3-09-14 Unmentionables” with intermezzo by Rita Phillips Rev. Janet Newman
2-23-14 Virtues of Life Senior High youths:
2-16-14 The Faces and Phases of Love Rev. Janet Newman
2-2-14 Gather the Spirit Jan Fitzgerald, Rev. Janet Newman
1-26-14 Upstairs/Downstairs Jan Fitzgerald
1-12-14 Science, Nature, and Spirituality” with discussion Betsy Longley
1-5-14 For The Time Being Rev. Janet Newman


12-8-13 The Handwriting on the Wall David Olson, Melinda Conness of the transition team and Rev. Newman
12-1-13 What Are You Waiting For? Rev. Janet Newman:
11-17-13 Collaborative Law: A Kinder, Gentler Way Bruce Peck
11-10-13 Remembrance and Veterans’ Day Rev. Janet Newman
11-03-13 The Unity and Diversity in the 21st Century Rev. Mark Kiyimba
10-27-13 Peace Education Martha Roberts
10-20-13 Moses and the Trapeze Artist Rev. Janet Newman:
10-13-13 Beyond Categorical Thinking Eddy Carrol and Mary Esther Johnson
10-6-13 We Are The Promises We Keep Rev. Janet Newman
9-29-13 Of Reverence & Reverends Rev. Janet Newman
9-22-13 The Sense of Wonder Rev. Frank Driesbach
9-15-13 Hospitality as a Lifelong Practice Rev. Janet Newman
8-25-13 March on Washington Anniversary Rev. Janet Newman
8-18-13 The New Jim Crow Kathy Park
7-21-13 Is Buying Locally Grown Food a Moral Imperative? John Peloquin
7-14-13 Can a Godless Church Be Spiritual? Dale Lewellyn
5-26-13 The Moral Injury of War Rev. David Breeden
5-12-13 Reason or Rationality Eve Webster
5-05-13 Osiris Goes Green Rev. David Breeden
4-21-13 Green Sanctuary Committee (Sally Mills, Vanessa Iiams) and Rev. David Breeden.
4-14-13 Some Ministry of Stars Rev. Meg Riley, Senior Minister of the Church of the Larger Fellowship, with music written and performed by Namoli Brennet