The Technology committee evaluates, recommends, implements, & supports technology-based tools for the Fellowship by making recommendations for technology-based issues, providing technical support for computer software & hardware, office, telephone & audiovisual equipment & internet services, and supporting the technical aspects of the Fellowship’s web site and other tools for communicating within & outside the Fellowship.

Technology Committee: Chair: Richard Duffin

Please email the Board Chair if you’re interested in serving on this committee:

Currently all of the church services are being held online using Zoom. The many upgrades to the sound and video equipment that were made in the church sanctuary are not being used at this time.

MVUUF staff and volunteers have adapted to the online format of communication and have gotten skilled at inventing new ways to foster congregation engagement. We look forward to a return of in person services toward the end of Summer.

If you have an interest in becoming involved managing the current Zoom services please contact the committee chair at