Children & Youth

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Here at MVUUF, we are a vibrant faith community, offering Sunday morning Religious Education classes and special programs for children, youth and families. At every age, the foundation of Religious Education is the co-creation of a classroom community that reflects Unitarian Universalist values:

  • affirming the inherent worth and dignity of each individual
  • searching for truth and meaning from many sources
  • encouraging each person’s free and responsible exploration of big ideas and questions
  • treating one another with compassion, respect, and inclusion
  • making choices that reflect our values
  • harnessing our power to create a world with more love, joy, and justice

From preschool through high school, children and youth are offered age-appropriate Religious Education classes that support their spiritual development. In order to engage kids with different interests, each class has a variety of activities, including stories, singing, sharing joys and concerns, spiritual practices such as prayer and meditation, games, crafts, and hands-on projects. As a community, we commit ourselves to nurturing the growth of our children and youth, and we celebrate them as important members of our church community.

Maria Bavier, CYF coordinator

Church Year (September – May)

This church year our Religious Education programing is focused on the relationships that connect us all.

Leader to child relationships – All year children, youth and families are welcome to come to Sunday morning multi-generational worship. A great way for families to participate in worship is to light your chalice on Zoom. Sign up here. Look for Wednesday staff videos from Maria to watch with your
Child to child relationships – Come to fun small group gatherings on once a month at 9:45am. Check your Friday email for the link.
Family member to family member relationships – Maria will send out Wednesday activities for families to do together to have fun with and delve more deeply into the monthly theme.

November: Healing
December: Stillness
January: Imagination
February: Beloved Community
March: Commitment
April: Becoming Hoppy!
May: Story
June: Play

Family to Family Relationships –
• Come to our Parking Lot Fair!
• Also, join the families social hour after worship on the second Sunday of the month (around 11:30). Visit with other families after worship and before lunch!
• Family Ministry is on Facebook

Pen-Pals! Email write in the subject line: Pen Pal and include your name. Them, look for an email back with information about connecting with another person as a pen pal! All are welcome! (Previously: Special Friends)

Please email Andrea Johnson is our Minister of Congregational Programming (which encompasses Religious Education across the Lifespan: Children, Youth, Adults and Families). Please contact her with any questions you have about our program. or 612-216-4318.

Maria Bavier is our Religious Education Coordinator. Please email her with questions or to set up a time to meet by phone or Zoom:

Please click this link to Register for RE!

Religious Education Registration, 2020-2021
Important information for families registering Religious Education for children and youth:
There is no fee for Religious Education.

Our model is a cooperative one, with families learning and growing in religious community
together. We depend on one another to create a vibrant experience for all ages! Each family is
asked to support the program by serving on a volunteer team 8-10 Sundays during the church year.
Training, complete session plans, prepared materials, and staff support are provided.
Returning children and youth must be re-registered annually (registration opens in late April) in
order to attend classes on Sunday mornings during the upcoming church year.

Visitors are always welcome!

Please feel free to visit a class with your child, or bring them to the worship service with you. Whatever works best for your family is just fine. We ask that you register after 2-3 visits.

Upon choosing to register, we ask that you please make regular Religious Education attendance a family priority. Children and youth who attend regularly build deeper connections and derive the greatest benefits from their lessons and church community. When the same group gathers each week they get to know one another, explore together, grow together, and look forward to being together again. Your family’s presence enriches the experience for everyone.