Children, Youth & Family

Welcome to MVUUF Children, Youth and Family Ministry!

We are a vibrant faith community, offering Sunday morning classes and special programming for children, youth and families. Our goal is to inspire and guide faith formation, spiritual growth and the moral and community grounding of children and youth of the Fellowship from Nursery-age through High School and their Families. We are so happy you are here!

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On CYF Sundays (September-May), children will begin downstairs with 2 volunteer/staff teachers for age-specific lessons, stories and activities. A special welcome if you are visiting or planning to visit MVUUF! Please feel free to attend a class with our child, bring them to the worship service with you, or drop them off in their classroom while you attend a service. For multigenerational worship services (1/month and June-August), you are welcome to color sheets, toys and activity bags located by the sanctuary entrance. Hospitality Teams will lead social hour with fellowship, snacks, coffee, hot chocolate in the Fellowship Hall downstairs. CYF Calendar is Here.

This year’s overarching frame is The Gifts of Our Faith. We’ll focus on ten beloved UU values and explore their potential to shape us and, in turn, shape the world.

It’s exciting to know that our wider faith community also will be exploring these themes. As part of our UUA’s Article II Commission work, a proposed new statement of UUA purposes and values has been developed. Our 2023-24 Soul Matters themes were created with that proposal in mind as we do the sacred work of discerning which of our beloved UU values will best guide our faith as we engage today’s world.

This year our Nursery through Preschool aged children will be using our Soul Matter’s Curriculum and play-based learning.

Our elementary children will explore Soul Matters Activities and a year-long social action project of their choosing. Our 4th and 5th graders may also become chalice lighters as part of their CYF year! Experiencing meaningful, engaging worship throughout childhood helps our youngest members develop a sense of connection to something larger than themselves, and gifts them with practices they can turn to for comfort and inspiration throughout their lives.

Middle and High School Youth Group will be exploring their own UU Faith while learning about other faiths through the Crossing Paths curriculum. In addition to Crossing Paths, MVUUF youth will participate in a Social Action project (like helping the Animal Humane Society) and Field Trips (like meeting at an Escape Room).

Year Youth Curriculum Description
2024-25 Coming Of Age celebrating and exploring the transition from youth to young adult
2025-26 Our Whole Lives 7-9th grade sexuality education
2026-27 Crossing Paths learning about other religions and neighboring faiths

When registering, please let us know of any comments you have about how we can help your child thrive in CYF programming. We strive to make MN Valley a welcoming place, and we work together to ensure everyone’s needs are accommodated. This is something we are happy to do for one another as we seek to build an affirming, responsive religious community that reflects our values. Registration is Open!

Be well,

Maria Bavier

Children, Youth and Family Ministry Director,

Credentialed Religious Educator

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

“Love is the Spirit of this Congregation”

(612) 216-4224