MVUUF is a liberal religious congregation engaged in a shared quest for spiritual and intellectual growth leading to lives of service, compassion and justice.

Join us 5/28/23 at 10:30am either in person, or on YouTube by clicking HERE or on ZOOM by clicking HERE

Our current risk level is Low. As per our Covid policy, masking for services is optional.

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May 28th: On Being a Work in Progress: “Human beings are works in progress that mistakenly think they are finished,” writes psychologist Dan Gilbert. How can we best embrace that we ourselves are creative works that are always evolving and becoming? Rev. Laura Thompson with music from the Jason and Kate Alfred

June 4th: Beauty Calls Us Together: Flower Ceremony 100th Anniversary: Every year at this time, Unitarians and UUs across the globe celebrate with a service called Flower Communion, Flower Gathering or Flower Ceremony. This tradition was developed by Rev. Norbert Čapek, founder of the Unitarian Church in Czechoslovakia, in 1923 and popularized by his wife Rev. Maja Čapek. Join us for this centennial celebration featuring special music and a video from Rev. Dr. Petr Samojský,  of the Prague Unitarian Congregation in the Czech Republic. And don’t forget to bring a flower from home to participate in a ritual flower exchange!

June 11th: Question Box Sunday: Our UU faith calls us to be curious. The search for truth and meaning is not a place we arrive at, but an endless practice of curiosity. This service will be a lot of fun as we explore life’s big and even small questions in the spirit of keeping us all curious. Send questions ahead of time to or ask them live during the service online or in-person.

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