MVUUF is a liberal religious congregation engaged in a shared quest for spiritual and intellectual growth leading to lives of service, compassion and justice.

Sunday Services Are Online Only.

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Watch live on YouTube  on Sunday July 25th at 10:30am

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MVUUF services are online through August. We are open to small group meetings July 1st with permission. Please email

Services in July and August

July 25th: 10:30 Practice, Practice, Practice: What is spiritual practice? How often should we engage in it? And why do we need it? Let’s explore spiritual practice together! Rev Laura MVUUF

August 1st: 10:30 Gertrude Stein; Philosophy and Poetry;  Enjoy a scene from “Gertrude and Companion” as Gertrude and Alice discuss heaven.  Then we’ll reflect on Stein, her philosophy and writing style.  She was very intellectual and studied the relationship between consciousness and language and the experience of life itself. With Fran Bohlke and Linda Hayen.

August 8th: 10:30 Gathered Here in the Mystery of the Hour; Folks often proclaim they are “spiritual, not religious.” What does it look and feel like to attend to the development of our spirits in the company of other fellow travels and seekers? Why gather as a people rather than practice alone? With Rev. Dr. Rita Capezzi UU Fellowship of Mankato   Passcode 883666

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