MVUUF is a liberal religious congregation engaged in a shared quest for spiritual and intellectual growth leading to lives of service, compassion and justice.

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Dec. 11th at 10:30am: The Wonder of Music: Holiday Music Sunday: Our traditional holiday music extravaganza returns featuring MVUUF members and friends of all ages to delight us all.

Dec. 18th at 10:30am: The Wonder of Winter Solstice The holiday season is filled with images of light: Christmas stars, Hanukkah menorahs, Kwanzaa candles and even the quietly growing UU holiday of Chalica. And while the sparkle and warmth of these images can fill us with a sense of wonder there is also much magic to be found in the darkness. Let’s explore the wonder of the solstice together.

Dec. 24th at 5:30pm: The Wonder of Christmas: Howard Thurman writes, There must always be in every life some place for the singing of angels, some place for that which in itself is breathlessly beautiful… something that gathers up in itself all the freshets of experience from drab and commonplace areas of living and glows in one bright light of penetrating beauty and meaning—then passes. Join us for a traditional Christmas Eve Service of stories and carols.

Dec. 25th at 10:30am: The Wonder of Community: Christmas Potluck Brunch: Much of the magic of the holiday season comes from time together with family and friends. In lieu of our regular Sunday programming, this Christmas morning, we gather simply to be together to share food, laughter and fellowship. Join us for a Community Holiday Potluck Brunch! Please sign-up to help us with set-up:

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