MVUUF is a liberal religious congregation engaged in a shared quest for spiritual and intellectual growth leading to lives of service, compassion and justice.

Join us at 10:30am on Sunday in person, on Zoom or live stream on YouTube.

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Our current risk level is Low. As per our Covid policy, masking for services is optional.

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Upcoming Services

Oct. 8th: My Religious Journey: There are many paths that lead to Unitarian Universalism. Join MVUUF members Kaizen Hummer, Betty Miller and Matthew Schneider as they share their religious journeys. With worship associate, Tom Ehlinger and music from Karen Olson and the MVUUF Choir.

Oct. 15th: UU History 101; Our Theological Heritage: While we might know some famous names in UU history; Emerson and Thoreau, we don’t always realize just how deep and rich our theological heritage is. You might be surprised to know how far back we trace our roots. What have we learned along the way and where do we go from here? Rev. Laura Thompson, Betty Miller 

Oct. 22nd: What Kind of Ancestor Will I Be? We stand on the shoulders of our ancestors tasked with making true their dreams and continuing their legacy. But, we too will be ancestors someday. What platforms and dreams shall we leave behind. Rev. Laura Thompson and Carla V. Ries with music from Lark Lewis

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