Archives Committee

Please email the Board Chair if you’re interested in serving on this committee:


The purpose of the Archives Committee is to preserve the image and essence of this Fellowship community and to be its historical repository.


The responsibilities of this Committee are to:

  • Save collected and/or donated documents, artifacts, photographs, and memorabilia unique to our history.
  • Record and/or file for safekeeping such materials with archival methods currently in practice.
  • Create and maintain books (Board of Trustees, ordinations, music, aesthetics, landscaping, building changes, event photo albums).
  • Coordinate projects such as member memorabilia files, ministers’ recorded sermons, and archival displays.
  • Arrange for photographers to document events.
  • Research and assist with Fellowship endeavors, as requested.
  • Organize archives for safe and easy access.
  • Store paper newsletters (and electronically), congregational documents, particularly administrative and historical documents, and photographs


In 1993, an official Archives Committee was formed and a mission statement was created. In the ensuing years, committee members attended archival conferences and learned important steps I archiving. Archival displays are an annual event during the month of September.

On October 20, 2007, the Prairie Star District Heritage and Archives Committee held a Bringing Our History to Life workshop in our building. It was an opportunity to learn what it takes to produce a 30-minute history video. Based on the knowledge gained from the workshop, MVUUF Archives assembled five founders and staff and recorded individual interviews in 2009. In 2012, portions of those separate interviews were incorporated into one DVD. Those five MVUUF founders give a fascinating accounting of their 1966 creation, and we look forward to celebrating the success of their creation with our 50th Anniversary this 2016 year.

A committee of research writers is preparing our fourth History Book to celebrate our 50th Anniversary. Previous books celebrated the 20th, 25th and 40th years of MVUUF. Archives are instrumental in orchestrating and producing this important milestone.