Committee on Shared Ministry

Eve Bergmann, Chair  (612) 597-7915,


The purpose of the Committee on Shared Ministry is to attend to all relations between the minister and the congregation and other duties as prescribed in bylaw.


The responsibilities of this Committee are to:

  • Meet regularly with the minister to discuss feedback from the congregation about the minister’s performance; develop mechanism for soliciting appropriate feedback from members.
  • Discuss with the minister any concerns he/she or the congregation may have about the congregational/minister relationship.
  • Hold an annual committee meeting without the minister and meet with the minister as soon as possible following that meeting to share findings.
  • Advise the minister of any meetings scheduled without his or her participation.
  • Annually evaluate the minister’s performance as required by the UUA and MVUUF bylaws.
  • Periodically review the minister’s contract, in consultation with the Finance Committee) and recommend any changes to the board of trustees.
  • Periodically review each aspect of the minister’s responsibilities (pastoral care, religious education, membership, etcetera).
  • Report annual to the board of trustees and bring to the board any questions or concerns raised by the committee that may need appropriate attention.