Communications Committee

Nancy Buckman


The purpose of the Communication Committee is to facilitate communication among the congregation, the Board of Trustees, the staff, the committees and the activity groups and to facilitate communication between MVUUF and the wider community.


The responsibilities of this Committee are to:

  • Recruit and maintain a web coordinator, newsletter coordinator, and media coordinator for MVUUF from among the members/friends. These people are members of the Communications Committee.
  • Publish a monthly newsletter for the MVUUF community.
  • Maintain a dual-purpose website that serves the MVUUF community and promotes a presence in the wider community.
  • Coordinate publicity about MVUUF in the wider community. Work with Fellowship staff to coordinate publicity, and to coordinate staff functions that touch on communication issues.
  • Educate committees and the congregation on the many ways to communicate at MVUUF.
  • Monitor the non-advertising policy in MVUUF-produced materials.
  • In conjunctions with the Membership Committee produce a yearly directory of MVUUF Members and Friends.

MVUUF Social Media Sites

We now have a full complement of MVUUF social media sites to check out for updates and announcements about church activities and to enhance the experience of being part of the MVUUF community. Check them out and please participate. They are yours. Facebook