Congregational Care Resource Team

Maria Bavier, Chair or

The CONGREGATIONAL CARE NETWORK is comprised of members and friends of MVUUF who have volunteered support and services to others of the congregation in times of need, crisis or grief.  Some of the services they might temporarily provide are meals, child or pet care, rides, errands etc.  Everyone who is willing to be called upon for help is a member of the CONGREGATIONAL CARE NETWORK.

Congregational Care Resource Committee

The CONGREGATIONAL CARE RESOURCE COMMITTEE is chaired or co-chaired by a volunteer member committee.  When they hear of a need for help they refer to the Congregational Care Network forms which members have been asked to complete specifying how they can help.  The Committee can then identify the appropriate volunteers for each purpose and connect them with the person in need of assistance.  Extra forms are kept in a wall box upstairs across from the coffee counter.  There is also a small pouch located there for members and friends to confidentially deposit a message of concern or need.  In certain instances where particular attention seems needed, the CONGREGATIONAL CARE RESOURCE COMMITTEE can provide a comfort shawl, hand-made by members of the congregation.

The minister has at their disposal a discretionary fund which allows them to issue emergency funds.  Contact the minister with questions about this fund.

Calling all Knitters

The Congregational Care Resource Committee is sponsoring a KNITTING WITH A MISSION project asking folks who knit and crochet to create Comfort Shawls for our members. Comfort Shawls can bring warmth and comfort for people experiencing loss, illness or celebrating a significant milestone. Knit or crochet a comfort shawl on your own or meet with the group that occasionally gathers at the Fellowship. We also encourage creating hats, mittens and gloves for Oasis for Youth. Donations of yarn are always gratefully accepted.
If you have questions or want more information about the Knitting With a Mission project or creating Comfort Shawls or the Knitting Clinic, please contact Becky at or 952-887-2146.