Operations Committee

Mark Clary, Chair

Please email the Board Chair if you’re interested in serving on this committee: board@mnvalleyuu.org


The Operations Committee is responsible for the operation and maintenance of Fellowship building and grounds in compliance with city and other applicable ordinances, with priority on safety, security, and comfort for users.


The responsibilities of the Operations Committee are to:

  • Maintain inventory of all operational systems, such as heating and cooling, electrical, water, lawn and garden, etcetera.
  • Periodically conduct evaluations of all operational systems and report on needed repairs, improvements, or replacements.
  • Report to the board of trustees regarding recommended repairs, improvements, or replacements and secure cost estimates.
  • Oversee repairs and improvements done by outside vendors.
  • Hire and supervise custodian.
  • Maintain adequate inventory of cleaning supplies, paper products for restrooms, and equipment needed to keep the building and grounds operational.
  • Contract for snow removal, annual testing of sprinkler system and monitoring, conduct monthly elevator maintenance.
  • Advise treasurer on requirements for property insurance.