We nurture each other. We strive to be courageous in living and sharing our Unitarian Universalist principles and values. Spiritual and intellectual growth, justice and joy are cornerstones of this community. (March 2018)


Mission Statement –
Adopted March 2018

We are an inclusive community seeking the light of truth and carrying the fire of commitment to build a better world through love and service.

Values Affirmation

As a congregation of the Minnesota Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, we affirm these values as the core ideals guiding our interactions with each other and the larger community of which we are a part. We commit ourselves to:

  • Learning throughout our lifetimes, seeking knowledge and understanding through inquiry, reason and open-mindedness while affirming the importance of intellectual freedom for all people.
  • Strengthening our social consciences, as individuals and as a congregation, through thoughtful study, dialogue and reflection, and by acting upon our convictions in all we do as members of social communities.